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Transforming Trauma into Radiance

LuzCeleniais a multi-talented writer, speaker, singer and host of Black, Puerto Rican and Belizean descent. She is passionate about promoting love, beauty, pleasure and healing through her work, including her podcast Sex and Sensuality for the Churchy, her local blog Charm City Live Music, and her upcoming novel "Radiant: Shining Your Light in the Dark and Other Lessons for the Divine Feminine." Her life's mission is to empower and inspire others to live their most pleasurable lives by embracing their authentic selves and shining their light in the world so they can  Be as Radiant as the Sun .  Learn more about LuzCelenia here.

Through her work she offers a variety of tools and resources to help individuals achieve orgasmic results in their relationships and every day experienes. She is a wealth of knowledge and inspiration on topics such as spirituality, faith deconstruction, personal growth, pleasure, sensuality, and creates a space for individuals to connect, grow, and thrive everywhere she goes.

What makes LuzCelenia unique is her ability to approach topics such as sexuality and spirituality from a fresh and modern perspective. Through her work she challenges traditional and religious notions of what it means to live a fulfilling and meaningful life . Her approach is grounded in empathy, compassion, and a deep understanding of the human experience. With her unique perspective and compassionate approach, LuzCelenia is a powerful ally for anyone seeking to grow, heal, and thrive.  Want to hire LuzCelenia to speak at your next event or host a wokrshop see her media kit here.

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