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Hola, I'm LuzCelenia

LuzCelenia Arce is a multi-talented woman of Black, Puerto Rican and Belizean descent. She was born in Defiance, Ohio and has always been passionate about exploring the intersections of her identities. From Meyers Briggs to Astrology to Psychology she has always had a passion for understanding self and understanding others. LuzCelenia graduated from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County with a Bachelor's degree in American Studies, Communications, and a certificate in Women's Studies.

LuzCelenia's professional journey has been diverse, having worked in entertainment at BET Networks and SiriusXM for 10+ years before switching to the EdTech industry where she now is a Sr. Contract Administrator for EdX. She is also a certified energy healer, meditation guide, professional life coach, and spiritual life coach. In addition, LuzCelenia is a speaker and hosts a podcast called Sex and Sensuality for the Churchy, where she invites guests to have open and honest conversations about intimacy and faith.

As the founder of Charm City Live Music, LuzCelenia is known as the go-to person for all live music shows in and around Baltimore. She is also currently writing her first novel, "Radiant: Shining Your Light in the Dark


and Other Lessons for the Divine Feminine," which explores the power of healing and personal transformation through essays about her life and healing journey to becoming as Radiant as the Sun.

LuzCelenia is a self-proclaimed sex-positive, healing-focused, sacred rebel, and glamour witch who believes in the teachings of Yeshua, the concept of divine union, and that we are all divine beings in human form. She is passionate about promoting love, beauty, pleasure and sovereignty through her work as a Master healer, coach, writer, sensual event producer and speaker.

She started therapy in 2017 while facing being 100+ overweight, depressed and unemployed. Therapy helped her to realize not only was she in an abusive relationship that she needed to leave, but she suffered from both childhood and religious trauma. That sparked her deconstruction journey that led her to finding sensuality as a way to reconnect to her body but also to connect to her divinity and to God.  The Radiant Sessions was born out of a commitment and desire to turn pain into purpose and to teach other women how to find their light through sensuality. It launched with a healing circle in her home and then eventually a workshop tiled "What is Spiritual Sensuality?" January 2020 in Balimore, MD.  

LuzCelenia is focused on expanding the footprint of her podcast, Sex and Sensuality for the Churchy, sharing her message of sensuality as a healing modality and spiritual practice, completing her first novel, speaking engagements and performing.

When she's not working, LuzCelenia enjoys singing, lifting weights, acrylic pour painting, writing, dancing to soca music, and spending late nights listening to a dope band or hanging out with friends. Her life's mission is to empower and inspire others to live their most pleasurable lives by embracing their authentic selves and shining their light in the world.



Bachelors in Communications, University of Maryland Baltimore County

Certificate in Women's Studies, University of Maryland Baltimore County



Ordained Minister, Universal Life Church



Meditation Guide, Natural Healer™ 

Energy Healer, James Seriph Chakra School

Professional Life Coach,  Transformation Academy

Spiritual Life Coach, Transformation Academy 

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