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In this podcast, LuzCelenia and Stef discuss the topic of deconstruction and decolonization of sexuality and sensuality for Christians and the churchy alike. They explore the ways in which Christian teachings and cultural norms have shaped people's understanding and expression of their sexuality and sensuality, often leading to shame and guilt.

LuzCelenia and Stef share their personal journey of deconstruction, which involved questioning and re-evaluating their beliefs and values regarding sexuality and sensuality. They emphasize the importance of self-reflection and honesty in this process, as well as seeking out resources and community support.

The conversation also delves into the ways in which colonialism has impacted Christian teachings and cultural attitudes towards sexuality and sensuality, particularly in relation to gender and power dynamics. The hosts stress the need to dismantle these harmful narratives and re-center marginalized voices and perspectives.

Throughout the podcast, the hosts offer practical advice and insights for listeners who may be struggling with their own journey of deconstruction and decolonization. They encourage listeners to prioritize their own well-being and to approach this process with openness and curiosity, rather than judgment or shame.

The podcast is now also available in video format on the link below to watch new episodes ever Wednesday!!

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