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Why is Self-Love a Sin???

As my Pastor Kristian A Smith says one of if not the greatest assumption in the Bible is that we already know how to love ourselves well. Except how can we if we’re taught that self-love is sinful?

Before becoming a part of The Faith Community, every preacher and pastor I've listened to, including some highly regarded ones, consistently overlooked the crucial message of loving oneself as a foundation for loving one's neighbor and God. Matter of fact as the original posts says they often times demonized self-love eisegeting 2 Timothy 3:2a that says, “for men will be lovers of themselves…”

What is the meaning of Eisegeting?

eisegete (plural eisegetes) A person who places meaning on a text which is not originally or inherently present in the text itself.

How is it that most preachers eisegete that text?

Well, for that you’d have to look up to find out what kind of love that scripture was describing. There are 7 types of love in the Greek: Eros, Philia, Agape, Ludus, Storge, Pragma, and Philautia.

2 Tim 3:2 is talking about Philautia…many will say that translates to self-love, but if you do some more digging you’ll find the definition to be two-fold. The greeks recognized two types of Philautia: a positive one, with high esteem and compassion, and a negative one, narcissistic, arrogant and selfish.” Unfortunately, in most churches we only are warned against the negative kind of self-love all while witnessing it across the pulpit every week.

If you don’t know how to love yourself in a healthy positive manner it’s inevitable you’re going to love yourself in a harmful manner and by virtue of the words of Yeshua you will love others and God in the same way.

So, one must wonder why would a leader not teach you to love yourself in a healthy way? What do they gain from you not loving yourself?

Let’s talk about it at the next Healers Circle on Monday, November 27th at 8 pm EST. You can register here.

The Healers Circle meets every 4th Monday on Zoom except on the 3rd, 6th, 9th & 12th month when we have an in-person meet-up in the Greater Baltimore area. The Healers Circle is open to everyone with the understanding that we are pro-healing, pro-Black, pro-Woman, pro-LGBTQ+, anti-racist and anti-Christian supremacist.

All the Love,


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